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Founded by Judy Litner, Travel Express International, Ltd. is located in Great Neck, New York.
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About Travel Express International, Ltd.

In May, 1972 Travel Express opened for business at its present location; 98 Cutter Mill Road (The Atrium Building). The office building was brand new and we were the first tenant to occupy our space, says Judy Litner, owner.

The travel agency business was very different in the 1970's. There were no computers, fax machines or cell phones. Reservations were made by calling each airline and car rental company and writing or telexing the hotels that did not have a local representative to contact.

We used the Official Airline Guides to look up flight information between cities and the international book was as big as the Manhattan telephone directory. All airline tickets were written by hand and the fares were calculated by mileage to the furthest point. The airlines paid us commission for selling their flights which they no longer do. Deregulation of the airlines changed the course of the travel industry business.

Prior to opening Travel Express, Litner worked in another agency with Peggy Walsh who has been with Travel Express since the beginning. They have worked together for more than 40 years, longer than many marriages!

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